Barbara Parker Scholarship



  • To honor Barbara by helping those who need help. 


  • Clients who have an active case with Missouri Division of Vocational Rehabilitation or VA Vocational Rehabilitaion who are currently employed or finalizing details of employment.
  • Be a one time expense that is unexpected and could not be anticipated or budgeted for
  • Have no other source for assistance (or if other source exists, applications were submitted and have been declined) If consumer pays for an “expense”, the Barbara Parker fund will not reimburse the consumer because self-payment is deemed as a comparable service.
  • Not serve to “rescue” clients from natural consequences of bad decision making
  • Be consistent with the client’s vocational plan/objectives


Maximum one time funding assistance of $250.  The budget for distribution will be set each year by the MRA Eastern Chapter Board, an amount not to exceed the amount raised for the Fund the previous year until the Fund becomes self-sustaining.  The committee would consist of the following members:  President Elect (Chair), President, Past President, a VR Representative appointed by the President and a member that serves as liaison with the Fund Administrator.  The committee would work within the budget to distribute funds to individuals in need and report activities annually in writing to the Board. 

Application Process:

The client should complete the application form below.  This may be with their service provider from a facility or school.  The client must obtain the signature of their VR Counselor, and the form should be submitted by their VR Counselor to the President Elect of MRA Eastern Chapter.  The committee will review the applications monthly around the time of the regularly scheduled board meeting.  The applicant and providers will be notified the next day regarding the outcome so that arrangements can be made to obtain the funding or find other sources. 



Barbara Parker, Ph.D., CRC, LCPC 

Ms. Parker was a self-starter with aspirations to change the world for people from all walks of life.  She consistently gave of her time, treasure and talent to better the lives of those around her.  

Ms. Parker obtained her bachelor and master degrees from Drake University in Des Moines IA.  She obtained her Ph.D from the University of Missouri St. Louis. Ms. Parker’s private sector work included employment training for people with disabilities, mentor training for people re-entering society from prison and directing a program for men and women entering the workforce from welfare.

Ms. Parker’s professional memberships included National Council of Rehabilitation Education, American Counseling Association, National Rehabilitation Association and the Maryville University Center for Teaching Excellence. Ms. Parker received the Outstanding Professional award from the State of Missouri Marriage and Family Therapy Association in 2007 and received the Maryville University Presidents Award for Excellence in Community Service in 2005.           

In Ms. Parker’s private life she was an avid cook, once co-owning a catering company, a loving mother and grandmother and a strong member of her church community.

At the time of her death Ms. Parker was the Program Director, Associate Professor in Rehabilitation Counseling and Services.  Ms. Parker was also actively involved in consulting and training in the areas of employment outcomes, rehabilitation administration, leadership and staff development.

For more information on the life of Barbara Parker follow the below link.